Higher Education establishments have become more commercial in their outlook towards learning provision. The need to compete for students is pushing institutions to become more competitive and implement solutions that deliver improved customer service and operational efficiencies.

To succeed, higher education establishments need to partner with an organisation that understands the pressures it faces and is able to design and deliver software solutions that will improve competitiveness.

Helping educational establishments improve customer service and operational efficiency

With the Internet now such a powerful marketing tool, how a college or university interacts with potential students via their Web site is critical in attracting new enquiries and applications. The systems which help to increase student recruitment need to be accessed and managed by the academic registry team in order to enable the university to publish relevant content to enquirers to help with conversion.

Being able to see data and information pertaining to enquiry conversion is extremely important for senior management teams as well. This enables registrars and directors of student recruitment to access up-to-date, performance-related reporting, which allows them to make better informed business decisions about the way in which the University is marketing itself.

Clariont delivers a comprehensive portfolio of services to educational organisations, including:

  • Document management
  • Business intelligence and dashboarding
  • Project collaboration
  • Electronic workflow
  • Information governance
  • E-Learning
  • Single sign-on
  • Identity management
  • Password self service
  • Bespoke development
  • Content management
  • System integration

How do we ensure a successful project?

Our services are delivered to the highest technical standards using the latest software development techniques and methodologies. We understand time pressures and can meet tight deadlines.

Our clients in the education sector benefit from US-based account and project management, which combined with our expert software and QA engineers, ensures they receive high quality development and client management in a cost-effective manner.

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