Central government targets and advancing treatments are now placing greater demands than ever on NHS Trusts, and the future looks even more daunting.

Against this background it is extremely important to automate as many internal processes as possible to ensure information is updated in real-time. Whilst technology is important for automation, communication mechanisms such as Web sites, portals and intranets are vital tools in meeting both patient and staff communication requirements.

Software solutions to meet strategic objectives

Through our continued relationship with the Health sector, we have significant experience in understanding and solving the business challenges facing our NHS clients.

Keeping staff, patients and systems up-to-date with the latest information such as news alerts, patient care, infection control, bed availability and training, as well as keeping all of these people informed of the changes and issues that affect them, is a challenging task for NHS IT and Communications departments.

This is further exacerbated by the requirement of the Freedom of Information Act to publish specific documents for public consumption and by targets generated by government. This has a huge impact on a Trust's Information Governance strategy.

By drawing on the skills of our highly experienced project management and software development team, we have successfully delivered software solutions which have helped our NHS clients with the following strategic objectives:

  • Document management
  • Business Intelligence and dashboarding
  • Project collaboration
  • Electronic workflow
  • Information governance
  • E-learning
  • Single Sign-On
  • Identity management
  • Password Self-Service
  • Bespoke development
  • Content management
  • System integration

How do we ensure a successful project?

Our services are delivered to the highest technical standards using the latest software development techniques and methodologies. We understand time pressures and can meet tight deadlines.

Our Health clients benefit from US-based account and project management, which combined with our expert software and QA engineers, ensures they receive high quality development and client management in a cost-effective manner.

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