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Coping with the changing resource requirements of a software development project is a major challenge. Clariont can meet this challenge by providing a dedicated team of high quality Software Development specialists and QA engineers.

This flexible and cost-effective solution enables you to engage all types of expertise (development, testing and QA staff, technical support, etc) and have them managed by a dedicated qualified project manager.

Tailor the team to meet your changing needs

We understand that resource requirements change during a project, that is why our flexible approach enables you to tailor the dedicated team to exactly match your workload. Additional resources can quickly and easily be added or removed from the project as circumstances require.

This approach ensures that our dedicated teams deliver the highest possible resource efficiency to our clients.

The team will also be tailored to fit your expertise requirements in order to:

  • Enhance your product offering
  • Provide value-added services to your in-house team
  • Increase your workforce without having to go through a painful and expensive recruitment process

How do we ensure a successful engagement?

As part of our dedicated team service, we will install a high-definition video conference suite in your office. This will give you immediate access to your project manager in our Hyderabad office so communication is never an issue.

Also, using the same video conferencing system, you can speak directly to your US-based account manager and executive sponsor.

If you would like to know more, or speak to someone we have previously worked with, please contact our team on +91(40) 40274 546